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Men will be Men

Statutory Warning: I am a real man and extremely proud to be one. I am a ‘humanist’ and I believe in equal rights for everyone, irrespective of the gender, caste, creed, colour etcetera. However, compliments like a pervert, male chauvinist or likewise are most welcome, “if anyone gets the urge to do so”, especially after reading this blog. I assure you that all such compliments will be highly appreciated and shall be accepted with a bow (without an arrow).

“Men will be Men” when people say this phrase, what exactly do they mean? Do they want every man to turn up into a pretty woman, one fine day? I mean are men supposed to check their gender every single morning in anticipation to be amazed one fortunate day, when they get transformed into a woman, in place of the ‘stupid’ man lying on the bed last night and the very reason of their birth will eventually get accomplished that day?

This blog will try to flush away all such confusions from the mind of every soul. It is dedicated to all the real man out there. This is an attempt to enlighten the world that “Man is an emotional HUMAN being”.

Let me take this opportunity to highlight some of the basic attributes that are an integral part of a ‘Real Man’ anatomy, with the appropriate reasons thereof. Don’t raise your eyebrows; just let your preconceived notions rest for some time, while you dive in depth of this blog.

Master in optimum utilization of resources – Man is always ‘complimented’ to have two heads. Why are you laughing? That’s a compliment, right? Isn’t it always good to have two heads, rather than owning merely one head? Well, if the claim of having two heads is true then that obviously gives us an extra edge. That in itself proves that we are born smart.

Men are also charged with the allegation that they always think from only one head. Now, what’s wrong in that? When one head is working perfectly fine, then why to give pain to the other one? Isn’t that sheer waste of resources to use both the heads simultaneously? Aren’t we taught that when we have extra resources then it’s our duty to use them prudently and don’t waste them? As such, we simply follow the motto that use one head and let the other head rest for the time being. See, now that is called as optimum utilization of resources and we are a master in that.

On the contrary, those who compliment us for having two heads, as well as, allege us that we think only with one head should actually get there facts right and make a note of the ‘hardcore’ reality, that the extra head can’t work in isolation if the other head is not working properly.

Consistent Soul – Consistency is our birth trait. We are so consistent in our conduct that nothing can distract our actions. Let me explain this with an example. We never get tired following up a woman, even if the woman says loud and clear “on our face” that she is not interested, we still keep on trying and trying. See, how consistent we poor man are. Okay stop giving me those frown looks, I agree we keep on trying until and unless we get another woman to try our luck. Nevertheless, the money, energy and the time we devote in following the females is just commendable. We don’t lose any opportunity to get a glimpse of the girl and gain her attention, by hook or by crook. Doesn’t this prove that men are the most consistent living being present in the universe?

Now, the fact is that man keeps following the woman even after she shows her disinterest, with the only motive to ensure that she is happy and not missing him in his absence. Awe aren’t we a darling to think like that? See how caring and consistent we man are.

Sex Obsessed – Men are accused of thinking about sex 24X7. First of all, I am eager to meet that person who researched a man’s mind and came up with this conclusion. I would like to understand in depth the methodology adopted in their research and will get into every minute detail pertaining to the subject. After all, this is the favourite subject of all men.

I mean really you believe that men only think about sex all the time? Come on, with my experience I can very well say that at least 4 times a day we do think about food too. That’s so unfair if you accuse us of thinking about sex all the time. We are not robots, so please have some mercy and make it 20X7. Now, that sounds much closer to the reality. All man out there you deserve to thank me for bringing that figure 4 hours down with my logic. Although, I know that we won’t miss any chance in those precious 4 hours too.

However, the truth is that we are born with a ‘Sex Pressure’; it’s something like ‘Blood Pressure’. As the blood pressure gets high and low, similarly our sex pressure gets high and low too. So we should rather get a pat on the back, to handle one more pressure in addition to all those pressures that a human being has to go through. As and when, the pressure descends we are so cute, lovable and most importantly ‘productive’. Didn’t you ever notice that?

Uncomplicated Being – I am sure everyone undoubtedly agrees on this point. But still, I will explain this in detail because I have a lot of material on this topic. Yes, men are so simple and uncomplicated. Let me prove this by an example, the uncomplicated man knows only one word i.e. ‘shaving’, as far as, hair removal is concerned. Be it the removal of a beard, moustache, as well as, when anyone gets the entire hair on their head removed we address it as “They shaved their head”. Isn’t life so simple when seen from a man’s eyes? Hair removal = Shave, that’s it, no more complications.

However, as far as, women are concerned there are a couple of terms like Threading, Waxing, Upper lip blah blah blah, and surprisingly all stands for Hair removal. Gosh, that’s sooooooooo complicated. I, sometimes wonder how girls remember all these complicated words. At times, I get so depressed with my memorising power. But, on the second thought, I think that will it suit the girls to say something like “I got my eyebrows shaved”? Oh, my God, that sounds yuck. Now, I can say that some things only suit a man.

In reality, men love to live a simple life and don’t want to give extra pain to their little brain. That’s the very reason that we follow the policy of “less is more”. (Threading, Waxing, Upper lip…Oh God I already feel exhausted)

Sharp Memory – Every man is accused of forgetting things and that to forgetting the important dates. I agree that this is a crime all men are unarguably guilty of. How can we forget dates pertaining to birthday, anniversary, date when we first interacted, date when we first ask her out, date when she finally said yes on being continually begged by us for coming out, date of our first official date, date of this, date of that and the list is never ever forever not ending.

I wonder how can woman “with only one head” remember all those complicated terms (Gosh, I guess I am stuck to Threading, Waxing, Upper lip) when their single head is already working overtime to memorise dates of every single important/not so important activity that happens in their life. On the memory part, you girls undoubtedly score full marks and no man can compete, as far as, remembering dates are concerned.

However, the fact is that we don’t trouble our brain much and, as such, we simply forget to remember that “we need to remember” the important dates. Nevertheless, we do remember the dates to pay the taxes, bills, all street addresses without GPRS facility etcetera. Oops forgot to mention the two important things in our memory list i.e. the names of all of your friends (only girls) and the birthday of your cute friend. Now, don’t you think that all this is a lot of stuff to occupy our small brain? So the next times, whenever you want us to remember anything, then first take the trouble to delete the already existing crap in our mind. Then there is a little chance that we may remember some of the ‘important’ dates as ‘required’ by you.

Cost Conscious – Men are extremely cost conscious. I am sure that’s a known fact, isn’t it? We don’t believe in wasting money on gifts, flowers, chocolate etcetera. No expenditure on makeup kits, body lotions, beauty creams etcetera. At the most, we will apply some lotion on the body parts that are visible (uncovered), like the face and palms. God forbid if any surprise physical check is done on our body and clothes, I am confident and scared that not only the hidden skin will surface up as something that is desperately craving for body lotion but, at the same time, our inner clothes will turn out to be airy too. That’s the proof that to what extreme we can go, as far as, cost saving is concerned. If you don’t believe me then sponsor one such camp of a physical check and let the scary truth be revealed right in front of you.

However, you will be surprised to know the hidden truth behind our indulgence in all those cost saving measures. You know we save because we want the saving to be spent on, for and with you girls. We are so caring, isn’t it? What now? You want to hug me on that revelation? No please, I am hug allergic.

Adjusting Nature – Although, I mentioned in the above point on Cost Conscious that we don’t believe in wasting money on gifts, flowers, chocolates etcetera. But still we are so adjusting that we do spend a lot on that stuff to make the world around us, “a happy place to live in”. However, it will be right to say that during the entire meeting wherein we have gifted something, our mind is too engrossed in calculating the expenditure we made on all those unnecessary things. Okay now take a deep breath and don’t worry I won’t ask you to return all those things that I ever gifted to you (although I wish I could). Wait a minute, I just realised that I never gifted anything to anyone. Wow, I feel so relieved and proud. However, what matters is the fact that we are so adjusting, that against our wish also we do a lot of things.

That was merely one example to convey that we are so adjusting. There are a lot many things that we adjust. Like we adjust our hearing capacity based on the quantum of talks girls do, we adjust our vision based on the girls in our vicinity, we adjust our nostrils and breathing, as and when we find a girl nearby to us etcetera. Oh, men, we are so accommodating and adjusting (Actually, I won’t hide the fact that, I also realised this just now that we adjust so many things).

Innocent – We man by default are innocent. Yes, we are so innocent that most of the time we get used by others for their personal benefits and ‘knowingly’ we ignore it. However, there are people who won’t believe this rather they think that we actually enjoy getting used, especially when the one who is using us is of opposite gender. Okay, to be frank, we do enjoy that but Shhhhh doesn’t share this secret with anyone.

On a serious note, it’s our way of conveying the females that we are always available, irrespective of the reason for which our presence matters in their life. Isn’t that an innocent gesture?

Men are Dogs – Wow that’s a compliment to grab. The most loyal, obedient, unconditional lover and a human-friendly creature is a dog. So if we are compared to dogs then that’s the biggest praise for the entire male community. Yes, we are dogs and that’s a matter of pride for us. There is nothing to argue on that front. I am a dog and I am extremely happy being addressed as a dog.

Just now, I got a thought whether all those who call men as dogs are aware that if all men are dogs then all women will be?

Well, the list of basic attributes seems to be never ending and I can keep going on and on. However, I know that this much is more than enough, as of now, to grab all those ‘compliments’ as mentioned at the start.

What an irony, the same people who talk about the equal rights of gender specific, adjudge all man to be same. I mean, how can anyone say that “All men are alike”? Doesn’t that tantamount to discrimination, in itself? Well, still we the ‘innocent’ men never complaint on the discriminatory treatment that we experience, at every phase of our life.

The entire male fraternity is on the radar of almost everyone, especially when something wrong happens with another ‘human being’, which is of opposite gender. We have all the respect for women, our heart cries out if anything wrong happens with any living being. We are standing side by side, in their good and testing times. We all are human and there are a lot of flaws in each and every one of us. So let’s stop any kind of discrimination and let us all live with utmost love and affection. Be a ‘Humanist’. It’s a humble request to all of you that please stop discriminating the culprit with gender, caste, creed, colour etcetera. They are ‘Inhuman’…Period.

Now, I would like to end this blog with the thought that maybe sometime in future, I may come up with a sequence of this blog to bug you more. So until next time “Men will be Men”, you got to bear with it.

Do take care and keep smiling! God Bless.

Peyush Jain



A writer at heart and creative at art. Someone who wants his words to leave an impact. Someone who is hungry for genuine feedback and not the number of likes. The thought behind my writing has always been to revolutionize the thought process which is overpowered with the set obsolete parameters, as well as, to bring into life, a new perspective towards everything around us. When I am penning down these lines, the beautiful composition by Mr. Dushyant Kumar Tyagi strikes my mind, "Sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi, Meri koshish hai ki yeh soorat badalni chahiye; Merey seeney mein nahi to terey seeney mein sahi, Ho kahin bhi aag lekin aag jalni chahiye". The meaning of this verse (in my words) is that - My only motive is not of rabble-rousing, but my efforts are directed towards bringing about a change; I want the fire of awareness to lit somewhere, if not in my heart then maybe in yours, but the fire has to lit. Readers are a writer’s strength and one of the motivating factors that keep the writer always alive. All the honest readers are undoubtedly the unbiased mirror of a writer’s content. Hope the readers like my blogs and could correlate with them. It will be an honour if the readers are able to gain something worth from my write ups. At the same time, it will be my pleasure to know your honest views. Each and every single feedback is highly appreciated. So do not hesitate to comment with utmost truth in your words. Keep reading and keep learning. I wish you all a very healthy, happy and a prosperous life. Love to all. Be in touch. Take care and God Bless!

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