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Are the grapes really sour?

Are the grapes really sour? Well, if we look around and analyse our own conduct, we will certainly realize that most of the time when we could not catch hold of something, be it our dream, our job, our relationship etcetera, we try really hard to prove that the “Grapes are really sour”. But, is it the right attitude and the right way of dealing with anything that did not go as per our liking? Can’t we accept the outcome with dignity and let go things that are actually not in our control?

To understand this in a better way, let us observe our reactions, our feelings, our thoughts in two typical situations which we encounter in our life. First, when we are into a relationship and Second when we are out of that relationship. Did you ever notice that our thoughts drastically change when we move from the first situation into the second situation? The person who was once an important part of our life, whose mistakes we found funny and were happy in ignoring them, whose ignorance we were considering as cuteness, whose presence meant the world to us and a lot many of such things suddenly got changed, as and when we were out of that relationship.

When we are no more into that relationship, we find the other person as the rudest living being present on earth, someone who is the most careless soul we ever came across, somebody who is heartless, irritating etcetera. To sum up, all the acts of such person seems to be wrong, as soon as, the person is no more a part of our life. But, wait for a second and just think that are those thoughts for the same person, who was once the reason behind that beautiful smile which adorns your face?

Similarly, we tend to criticize each and everything that did not happen as per our willingness. Suppose, if we are not able to perform well, then we start finding fault in others. Haven’t we all pointed fingers, at some point in time, towards our supervisor, colleague, parents, siblings, better half etcetera? However, we forget to introspect what went wrong at our end. Do remember that it’s our life and we are solely responsible for everything that happens with us.

So what if we could not get what we wanted to achieve? So what if we could not perform as per the expectations? We should be contented with the fact that we tried our best and if we are committed to trying harder in future then that’s all actually matters in life. “Try your best and leave the rest” should be the motto of life. As beautifully written by Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, “Mann ka ho toh accha, Mann ka na ho toh zyada accha”. Which means, if things happen as per our wish then it is good, but if it doesn’t happen as per our wish then it is even better because then it happens as per the wish of the Almighty, who always thinks best for us.

By sticking to the thoughts and continuously sobbing over things “which are not in our control”, we are doing harm to none other than our own self. So, let’s stop disgracing ourselves by thinking in that manner. At least we should respect ourselves and our choice. Let us relish the memorable moments that we spent in this beautiful journey of life and “Let Go” the others.

So now onwards instead of proving that the grapes are sour, let the grapes be enjoyed by those who are destined to do that. I am sure there is another bunch waiting for us to relish. It’s just that we need to identify it, grab it and enjoy.

Live and let others live happily too!

Peyush Jain



A writer at heart and creative at art. Someone who wants his words to leave an impact. Someone who is hungry for genuine feedback and not the number of likes. The thought behind my writing has always been to revolutionize the thought process which is overpowered with the set obsolete parameters, as well as, to bring into life, a new perspective towards everything around us. When I am penning down these lines, the beautiful composition by Mr. Dushyant Kumar Tyagi strikes my mind, "Sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi, Meri koshish hai ki yeh soorat badalni chahiye; Merey seeney mein nahi to terey seeney mein sahi, Ho kahin bhi aag lekin aag jalni chahiye". The meaning of this verse (in my words) is that - My only motive is not of rabble-rousing, but my efforts are directed towards bringing about a change; I want the fire of awareness to lit somewhere, if not in my heart then maybe in yours, but the fire has to lit. Readers are a writer’s strength and one of the motivating factors that keep the writer always alive. All the honest readers are undoubtedly the unbiased mirror of a writer’s content. Hope the readers like my blogs and could correlate with them. It will be an honour if the readers are able to gain something worth from my write ups. At the same time, it will be my pleasure to know your honest views. Each and every single feedback is highly appreciated. So do not hesitate to comment with utmost truth in your words. Keep reading and keep learning. I wish you all a very healthy, happy and a prosperous life. Love to all. Be in touch. Take care and God Bless!

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