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Are the grapes really sour?

Are the grapes really sour? Well, if we look around and analyse our own conduct, we will certainly realize that most of the time when we could not catch hold of something, be it our dream, our job, our relationship etcetera, we try really hard to prove that the “Grapes are really sour”. But, is it the right attitude and the right way of dealing with anything that did not go as per our liking? Can’t we accept the outcome with dignity and let go things that are actually not in our control?

To understand this in a better way, let us observe our reactions, our feelings, our thoughts in two typical situations which we encounter in our life. First, when we are into a relationship and Second when we are out of that relationship. Did you ever notice that our thoughts drastically change when we move from the first situation into the second situation? The person who was once an important part of our life, whose mistakes we found funny and were happy in ignoring them, whose ignorance we were considering as cuteness, whose presence meant the world to us and a lot many of such things suddenly got changed, as and when we were out of that relationship.

When we are no more into that relationship, we find the other person as the rudest living being present on earth, someone who is the most careless soul we ever came across, somebody who is heartless, irritating etcetera. To sum up, all the acts of such person seems to be wrong, as soon as, the person is no more a part of our life. But, wait for a second and just think that are those thoughts for the same person, who was once the reason behind that beautiful smile which adorns your face?

Similarly, we tend to criticize each and everything that did not happen as per our willingness. Suppose, if we are not able to perform well, then we start finding fault in others. Haven’t we all pointed fingers, at some point in time, towards our supervisor, colleague, parents, siblings, better half etcetera? However, we forget to introspect what went wrong at our end. Do remember that it’s our life and we are solely responsible for everything that happens with us.

So what if we could not get what we wanted to achieve? So what if we could not perform as per the expectations? We should be contented with the fact that we tried our best and if we are committed to trying harder in future then that’s all actually matters in life. “Try your best and leave the rest” should be the motto of life. As beautifully written by Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, “Mann ka ho toh accha, Mann ka na ho toh zyada accha”. Which means, if things happen as per our wish then it is good, but if it doesn’t happen as per our wish then it is even better because then it happens as per the wish of the Almighty, who always thinks best for us.

By sticking to the thoughts and continuously sobbing over things “which are not in our control”, we are doing harm to none other than our own self. So, let’s stop disgracing ourselves by thinking in that manner. At least we should respect ourselves and our choice. Let us relish the memorable moments that we spent in this beautiful journey of life and “Let Go” the others.

So now onwards instead of proving that the grapes are sour, let the grapes be enjoyed by those who are destined to do that. I am sure there is another bunch waiting for us to relish. It’s just that we need to identify it, grab it and enjoy.

Live and let others live happily too!

Peyush Jain

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Tolerance towards Intolerance

Freedom is our birth right and no one can compel us to breathe in a suffocating world. Intolerance against anything that tries to snatch away our freedom is actually the first step towards attaining freedom in a real sense. Just imagine, if no one in the past would have shown intolerance against the British rule, then could India has achieved Independence? Intolerance is the seed that generates a remarkable change in our life and the failure to realize the intolerance breeding around us, leads to a revolt.

What happens when we try to force an equivalent reaction towards any action? The outcome is a revolt against the dictatorship. We can stay happily for some time with the thought that everything is going fine within our cosy false bubble, but the day that bubble gets busted, we would not be in the position to face the world with our lame excuses. If we ignore what is going on around us and tend to watch everything with the spectacles of our self-made egoistic perspective then the panorama will definitely be distorted.

Intolerance has always been and will always be a part and parcel of our life. It has to be that way. We may debate about the level of intolerance getting increased over the years. But we cannot deny the fact that intolerance against injustice have erupted time and again, in the past too. Intolerance has always been there in our society, for e.g. intolerance against the rape cases eventually outburst in a mass movement in the Nirbhaya Case. So in the present situation, is it right to think that intolerance is used as a propaganda on account of a planned agenda to stop a particular person from performing well? It may be that the people are more aware, awake and have a medium to raise their voice and get heard on a larger scale in this era. However, refusing it all together that there is no level of intolerance in the present society, will be a big mistake by the ruling government, the law enforcing agencies, the judicial system, other governing bodies/departments, as well as, the innocent public etcetera.

It is better for each one of us to realize that intolerance is an important ingredient of the lives of all living beings and we should have the “Tolerance towards Intolerance”. We should do the root cause analysis of every situation before jumping to the conclusion or before pointing a finger towards others by raising doubts on their credibility. Great human beings and leaders are the ones who do not oppose things just for the sake of opposing because they have to support a certain ideology etcetera. Instead, they have the courage to stand by those things that are factually correct.

Whether returning of awards is politically motivated is not the main issue. What is important is to diagnose that is everyone out there who believes that there is an air of intolerance in the environment is a fool who knows nothing? Are we trying to question the thinking ability of the writers/artists? Are we saying that every writer/artist who returned their award didn’t have their own thoughts behind doing so? Do we mean that every person who thinks that there is some kind of intolerance in the society is lured or brainwashed? Could every sane person be influenced? We may have a different stand with regard to whether returning of awards for showing their dissent is a right way of protesting or not. However, who gave us the right to question the credibility of all those people without any proof?

We know that the best way to attract attention is to throw garbage on a known personality. But do we expect the same kind of behaviour from the responsible and learned people? Shouldn’t they be responsible enough to understand the nerves of the public before accusing others of creating a drama? Losing an election would not matter in the long run. What will matter is our failure to grab an opportunity to learn lessons from our past mistakes. Did we fail in understanding the feelings of people and realizing the ground realities? We will be judged on the criteria that whether we realized the actual issues at the early stage and took timely actions to understand and resolve them or not.

Hope instead of running away from the core issues, we will always show enough courage to accept the hardcore realities and work upon them, to build a happy, peaceful and a progressive society.

May all of us stay peacefully and have good sense always. Amen!

Peyush Jain

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Yes, I am helping the Terrorists

Yes, I am helping the terrorists and I am irrigating the roots of terrorism, instead of eradicating the same from its source. Since ages, I am silently tolerating all the nuisances that are happening around me. I failed in my conduct and could not save humanity from getting shattered, every now and then. I should be definitely punished for my cowardliness and my silence. I am guilty of all the deaths that are taking place across nations, on account of terrorism. I don’t even deserve to mourn on the deaths of the innocent people.

What did I do when my surroundings were hit by a terrorist attack? – I mourned. What was my reaction when the flames of terrorism burned the world? – I mourned. What action did I take when the terrorists killed the innocent people around me and thereby slaughtered the humanity? – I mourned. On all such incidences, I simply mourned and sent/shared/liked some sympathetic, anger filled messages etcetera. Wow, what a courageous step to mourn and forget what happened in the past. Will the departed souls of all those innocent people who were brutally killed in a terrorist attack, ever forgive me? Am I not answerable to the scared wet yet hopeful eyes of all the survivors, as well as, those who lost their families in such incidences?

However, am I even serious about the eradication of terrorism? Did I learn any lessons from the brutal killings in the past? Did I take any serious actions against terrorism? No, I just sympathised, mourned and then got busy in my routine life. But yes, at the same time, I kept the stock of sympathies in my trunk to be used later on. I am a coward person who can’t think beyond boundaries. I am a coward being who can’t take strong decisions and actions against terrorism. I am a coward soul who keeps on praying that no such incidences should take place near me because that’s all I am concerned with. I am a coward creature who thinks that if I and my family are safe, I am unaffected.

We all know that the common people of any country are always the believer of peace. Then who are these supporters of all the unrest that is developing in the entire world? Is it possible for a few bunch of terrorist to rule over millions of innocent people who hate any kind of violence? Do remember that peace could not flourish till the time the world unites against terrorism, in the real sense. And this unity does not mean blabbering about a peaceful world and showing sympathies after happening of such cowardly terrorist attacks. Till the time, we unite against terrorism and start a mission of “Terrorism free WORLD”, we should let the terrorists laugh at us and kill humanity, at their convenience.

Do we, the peace lovers lack in our courage or our talent? Can’t all the countries of the world unite and work upon a Joint Anti-Terrorism model. Could a Global Special Task Force (GSTF) of soldiers and other citizens from all the peace-loving nations be formed, with a motive to finish the last molecule of terrorism? This GSTF should have all the means, as well as, the authority to act in every part of the world and remove the poison of terrorism forever. The GSTF should be answerable only to the head of every nation. As and when the permission is received from the respective head the GSTF may enter the territorial jurisdiction of that particular nation and whitewash terrorism from its soil.

But no, why should I be concerned about what is happening against the humanity in other parts of the world? I am too busy in my personal life. Who cares about what is happening with other living beings. Hence, I should better stop mourning on all such incidences and accept my crime. Yes, my silence and my cowardliness are one of the major factors in letting the cancer of terrorism spread its wings. I am guilty of breeding the terrorists.

Yes, we all are equally guilty for letting the terrorism grow manifolds. Yes, we all need to take serious steps towards eradicating the poison of terrorism. It’s enough now; we have been tolerating terrorism since long. It’s a high time we wake up and eradicate the cancer of terrorism from the world. Else, one day it will be too late for us, even to mourn on our cowardliness.

Hope the world unites for a better cause and finish terrorism from its roots. Amen!

Peyush Jain

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Diwali – Lighten to Enlighten

Diwali is said to be an event to mark the celebration of the homecoming of Rama, Sita, and Laxman, back to Ayodhya, after 14 long years of Vanvas. A lot of knowledgeable write-ups are available on the subject of Diwali so I would not educate on the topic of Diwali here. This blog will, however, throw some light on the life lessons to be learned from the festival of Diwali. It is an attempt to look beyond the symbols, lighten ourselves and in turn enlighten the world.

Diwali is a festival of light that brings with it the utmost prosperity, happiness, and hope. Diwali is mostly associated with cleanliness, decoration with Rangolis, lightning the lamps especially the earthen ones, worshipping Laxmi the goddesses of wealth, new purchases, bursting crackers, sweets, and gifts. However, if we deeply analyse all these things, then we can extract the hidden meaning behind these symbols.

We keep on blindly following the symbols of customs that are downloaded by our ancestors and forget to find out the literal meaning that the customs represents. We tend to follow the custom, as it is, and with time the real essence of the custom fades away. The motive of a custom fails in totality when the symbols are given preference over the substance.

So, let us try to diagnose the symbols and look beyond to know the custom in the real sense. It’s a way to identify the untold truth. Like the custom of cleaning our surroundings before the festival of Diwali could be looked beyond the physical cleaning to also represent the soul cleaning. Similarly, the lightening of lamps at the time of Diwali represents the lamp of hope always lightened up in our heart etcetera.

Here, I have tried to jot down some of the life lessons that these symbols represent. This will help us to understand, as well as, follow the customs in the real sense. Some of the life lessons to be learned from the festival of Diwali are –

  • Clean up the negativity inside us.
  • Decorate the entire world with the colours of joy.
  • Keep the lamp of hope always lightened up in our hearts.
  • Be a source of lightning for our inner self, as well as, for the life of everyone around us.
  • Have respect towards women and treat them as a goddess.
  • Let go the past, welcome the new surprises of life and embrace the change with a smile.
  • Burst away all the wrong deeds happening around us.
  • Share the sweetness and experience the happiness in the act of giving to the needy.

We should imbibe this learning’s in our personality to celebrate Diwali in a real sense and by that way “Lighten to enlighten”. A successful Diwali will be the one “When our heart gets lit up with a smile, because of the happiness generated from our contribution in someone’s life”. Let it be a small effort, just do it, and make a positive difference in someone’s life.

At the end, a little piece of advice from my side that please think about the environment, animals, and every living/non-living beings before you fire a cracker. Fireworks are harmful not only to others but also to the one who is playing with them. So at least for the sake of our own self, let us all pledge to stay away from fireworks and celebrate a pollution-free and safe Diwali.

Wish you all a very happy and a prosperous Diwali.

God Bless!

Peyush Jain